Donald Trump: the latest accusations

Donald Trump’s bid for the US presidency is reeling from fresh allegations about sexually aggressive behaviour, with several women coming forward with personal accounts of being groped by the property billionaire.

The Trump campaign has denied all the allegations listed here:

● Jessica Leeds told the New York Times she was groped by the tycoon while on a flight to New York in the 1980s describing him as “like an octopus — it was like he had six arms, he was all over the place”.

“If he had stuck with the upper part of my body, I might not have gotten that upset but it was when he started putting his hand up my skirt. That was it.”

In another New York Times interview, Rachel Crooks said as a 22-year-old receptionist at a real estate investment and development company located in Trump Tower, she introduced herself to Mr Trump when they were in an elevator.

They shook hands, Ms Crooks said, and Trump would not let go. Instead, she said, he began kissing her — on the cheeks and on the mouth. “I was so upset that he thought I was so insignificant that he could do that,” she said.

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Mr Trump demanded that the New York Times retract its story, which his lawyers said was a “politically motivated” and libellous effort to destroy his campaign. The Trump campaign said the New York Times story was “fiction”.

People Magazine ran an essay by one of its staff reporters who said Mr Trump forced himself on her shortly before she was due to interview him and his wife for a feature on their first wedding anniversary.

The Trump campaign denied the allegations. “There is no merit or veracity to this fictional story,” said Hope Hicks, spokesperson for Mr Trump

CBS News on Tuesday unearthed a 1992 video filmed at Trump Tower. At one point, Mr Trump asks one of a group of 10-year-old girls if she is going to use the lift. When she tells him she is, he looks into the camera and says: “I’m am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?”

● The Palm Beach Post, a newspaper in Florida, quoted Mindy McGillivray who said she had been groped at Mr Trump’s Florida residence 13 years ago. Ms Hicks said there was “no truth” to the claim.

BuzzFeed interviewed four women who said Mr Trump had walked into their dressing room during the 1997 Miss Teen USA competition, one of a number of beauty pageant franchises owned by the billionaire.

“I remember putting on my dress really quick because I was like, ‘Oh my god, there’s a man in here’,” Mariah Billado, the former Miss Vermont Teen USA told BuzzFeed. Mr Trump’s alleged response? “Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before.”

The Trump campaign responded saying: “These accusations have no merit and have already been disproven by many other individuals who were present. When you see questionable attacks like this magically put out there in the final month of a presidential campaign, you have to ask yourself what the political motivations really are and why the media is pushing it.”

CNN published a 2005 tape of Mr Trump bragging to shock-jock Howard Stern about walking into contestants’ dressing rooms when they were naked or half-naked. He told Mr Stern that owning the Miss Universe competition allowed him to “get away with” walking into the contest’s dressing room while the women were naked or in the middle of changing.

Yahoo reports that NBC is under pressure to release tapes of The Apprentice, the reality show which Mr Trump hosted.


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